Mouhijärve visiting Kolga

Kolga Keskkool will host guests from Mouhijärve from 3rd to 7th May. As part of the Digital Nature Trails project 8 students and 4 teachers will stay in Kolga for 5 days. Several activities will be held during first days of the week in school and near Kolga.

Saturday, 3rd May

15.30               Ship in Tallinn

ca 17.00         Arriving to Kolga

Õhtupoolik peredes.


Sunday, 4th May 

Trip to Rakvere, Palmse, Sagadi

9.30                 Bus from Loksa

10.00               Bus from Kolga

Back in Kolgas ca 18.00 


Monday, 5th May

9.00-10.40       Informatics

10.50-12.40     Project activities

12.40-13.00     Lunch

13.00-14.40     Project activities

14.45-15.45     Sporting activities

Free time 


Tuesday, 6th May

9.00-10.40       Chemistry

10.50-12.40     Project activities

12.40-13.00     Lunch

13.00-15.00     Project activities

15.00-16.30     Free time

16.30-19.00     Camp fire in Tsitre


Wednesday, 7th May

8.45-9.45        Visiting Kolga Museum

10.00               Leaving to Tallinn

16.30               Ship to Helsinki